You, awawawawawawwwwawawawawawawawwawaawawawawawa will be mystified!!!

1. You are reading this.

2. You are real

3. You came to this page because you followed a link.

4. You are not a factual nonsense animal.

5. You are a male or a female.

6. You are a creature.

8. You did notice that there wasn't a number 7.

9. You didn't check if it was there.

10. Your species is unknown.

11. You are reading this sentence.

12. Yet no-one could really care less what you are.

13. You are not perfect, like everyone.

14. you are a wiki liker

15. You didn't notice there was a number 14.

16. You checked if it was there.

24. You didn't notice there wern't any numbers 17-23.

25. You checked if they were there.

26. You exist.

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