The United States of America was the combination of Munich-Zurich, Cofederate States of America, North States of America, the Other States of America and Canada to form a united bunch of states that has one government. Later, they seperated into different states and the remains later became the United Stupidity of America.


When Munich-Zurich had a lousy economy, the Confederate States of America became raided by muckyawful vampires, the North States of America's leader was dumped by his girlfriend, the Other States of America were lonely and Canada want to find more maple syrup for their Cheesylicious Maple leaves. Therefore, they all agreed and wrote on a scroll knwon as the iSign Papers. The USA was therefore formed.

However, blame it on the states' freedom and abilities that they were freed from the clutches of the USA Government and now the remains are known as the United Stupidity of America.

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