Throw-a-Punch Earl was a rediculously heavywight boxer and he also was a mortician in his spare time in the drunk stud's bar on planet Naolkindula67890045. He often would stop at the bar for a drink, than another one, and then so many that there was one less person in the bar. He would then morticianize right at the crime scene. He would then ride off on his chindog, come back five days later, repeat. He faced famed boxer Yeorge Doorman, and later had to get his lower intestende surgically removed. Because most boxers need all of their organs in shape to make a guy's nose bleed, he no longer could box, but had a shnap load of money. He then focused his life on funerals and gambling, and currently makes the mourners play a round of poker with him or else he will have his neighbor Furman beat the shnap out of them. He is currently runner up to Adolf Hitler, #1, on the "100 most hated people with a gambling problem that have been in bars on planet Naolkindula67890045"!

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