The ManEdit

Threshold, or simply Jebediah to his followers, is a long-time craps and bakarah dealer at Threshold's Palace, a popular gaming establishment and place of pilgrimage on the Las Vegas Strip. Threshold transcends time, and thus has always existed, and has been dispensing advice for millenia as well as dealing various card games all over the world. Over time, for those who don't know him personally, he has become commonly known as King

Thresholds Palace

The Almighty Thresholds Palace! (More like a temple to some)

Thresholds PalaceEdit

Thresholds Palace is one of the main gambling establishments found on The Strip, Las Vegas. Threshold got most of his money from finding the treasure of Ted "Old Man" Binion and , like Binion, decided to have a casino. He bought Caesars Palace and re-named it as his own.


The Threshold is like a god to the people of Las Vegas who worship him on a daily basis and pay homage to his skill by sacrificing one citizen every noon. Thresholds followers if incredibly dedicated can become good friends of Threshold.

Current StatusEdit

Currently the Threshold is missing. If anyone happens to know where he is or has seen him around please feel free to message me. Its Very important we find him.


Still nothing from Threshold a sighting was made many months ago but no-one has seen him since.

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