There's a cheeseburger lying on the ground! is one Alex's family of muckyawful phrases, besides Fart Stinky! and Johnny Depp Died. There are many variants of the cheeseburger joke, however, the most notable examples are simply "There's a cheeseburger lying on the ground" and "there's a cheeseburger lying on the road". It's usually

These phrase were implanted into the North pole's Handbook of FAT Phrases. Those are crazy, aren't they?



  • Two-Sometimes, Alex will say two instead of one after saying the original sentence alone. This means that he is getting more insane at that point of time.
  • Second-Unlike the "two" variant, it is another lone cheeseburger on the ground, apart from the other. This also means he is getting insane; but generally explains that he is in an awkward situation.
  • Third-When he's really crazy, he will mention a third cheeseburger.
  • Fourth-It is uncommon to say a fourth cheeseburger as he is superstitious about it; only when he's extremely crazy.
  • Fifth-A fifth cheeseburger lying on the ground explains that his insanity is moving on to the next wave.
  • Tenth-He says this out of spite when walking up and down four flights of stairs.
  • Twentieth-This vairant of the joke was only said after a PE Lesson when Alex was walking up the un-airconditioned four flights of stairs, saying "There's a twentieth cheeseburger lying on the ground"
  • Big Cheeseburger-A special edition dedication to the book of Big Brother, Big Cheeseburger is portrayed in place of the daily typical cheeseburger, meaning that the sentence has changed to "That's Big Cheeseburger Lying on the ground!". "There" is changed to "That" in order to make the sentence proper.


  • Road--Alex commonly says this variant since he likes it when cheeseburgers are squashed on the pavement by foot or on the road itself by a passing sedan.
  • Table--Quite uncommon; the sentence is spoilt when he uses "Table" to replace "ground". However, this only happens when he's hungry.
  • Switzerland--He likes Swiss Yodeling, and he thinks cheeseburgers orgianted from there, when they orginated from Lativa!
  • Lativa--The home of cheeseburgers; of course there will be one there.
  • Next to you--You are not-so-pranked (since Alex dosen't know how to prank) by Alex in saying that.

Setence StructureEdit

  • There WAS A cheeeseburger lying on the ground
  • There WILL BE a cheeseburger lying on the ground
  • S***, there's a cheeseburger lying on the ground!

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