The Very Dumb Terrtory of France is a boring piece of terrtory located south of Canada. It is, of course, a terrtory of France, and is quite useless. In fact, it is so useless, that France wants to blow the land up into pieces above the air.


It was inhabitated by lots of native people during the olden days.

Until 1984, when two buissnessman from France came upon the island. They were travelling to Canada when they encounted upon an unknown land, and their boat sank. The first partner drowned and farted to death, whilst the other gone around the island and built a wooden hut on the west of the island. Later, some other people from the nearby republic of Canada came and automatically, a town, named "Going-to-be-blown-up-later Town". Thus, the island became a terrtory of France later that month.

In 1994, most people left the area of it's useless facilities and all returned to either France or Canada. All left by 2004, and the only inhabitat left was that dead buissnessman partner lying on the sea bed.


Everything's blown up.


Note that from here until the second last section all these were before the off They used Francs, later Euros, and lastly the stupid, banana-like notes written with lots of words in a foreign, strange language.

Economy, Exports, Resources etc.Edit

Their economy was quite poor, though the rich buissnessman there, as they were doing overseas buissnesses and have no intention for the island. The only major export was shipping services. Two ships, the S.S. Francidiots and S.S. Fatties serve the island, 24/7.

Other resources include timber, sand, water and more sand.


Due to the buissnessmen's dumb intentions, the only good working condition (actually partially) public transportation for the people and native people were a tram service, known as Tramotion. There were only three such trams operating under the service: one retired tram from Canada, one retired tram from France, and one tram personally given by the native people. It was the only one then. (Public Transportation inculdes taxis, buses, trains and other related {like trams})

For overseas transportation, shipping services are used. As there are only two cargo ships majorly serving the island, S.S. Fatties and S.S. Francs, the economy grown poor. For passenger services, several ferries, mostly retired, were used. It went from the island to New York City, Democratic States of America. No air services were used.



They have a variety of dumb, old-fashioned dishes. Most inculde stinky cheese (imported from France), dead frogs (from France), fat limbs (from Canada), and stupid old cocca beans (from the natives). Very dumb.


--Upgrading Soon--

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