This page is all about the The Factual Nonsense Wiki.

Introduction Edit

The Factual Nonsense wiki is a wiki which is all an enormous constructed universe, where anything can happen, and usually does. Have fun while you're here, but make sure to read The Factual Nonsense Wiki:Policy before editing.

Major Rules and Regulations Edit

Main Article: The Factual Nonsense Wiki:Policy

  • The Factual Nonsense Wiki is a family wiki. This means that anything inappropriate for children under 13 (e.g. profanity) is not allowed.

Things you definitely CAN do with the fictional things on this wiki Edit

  • You can resurrect missing, comatose, or dead people.
  • You can cause physically contrived or impossible things to happen
  • You can add new attributes to classic characters (e.g. the barglesnarf)

Things you definitely CAN'T do with the fictional things on this wiki Edit

  • You can't introduce real people or events
  • You can't intentionally alter important aspects of classic characters (e.g. making Mr. Flat exist)
  • You can't contradict events that already happened (e.g. making M the president of the North Pole)

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