The Brain or Mah Thinking Blob as Old Man Fallaffle used to chant endlessly, is a browney blob of meringue between a lady's ears and a mans legs. it controls all major functions like life, death and alcohol consumption.

Some Philosophers believe the brain is a load of cabbage, while non-dyslexic philosophers say it is a load of GARBAGE! Other philosphers believe it has the power to destroy and build lives in the very cerebellum of it's heart, and the servility of the world does depend so deeply upon it that should it crack open, the goo will enslave the villagers for all eternity, crushing the nights of the world into one and plunging us all into eternal darkness. but the men in white coats will be informed and they all will be returned to cells.

Plato once said 'Love is triangular, and should allways point north.' which has nothing to do with brains.

But it does. Because plato had a brain.

And so does a rabbit. Says something huh?


Pulsating Edit

The Brain pulsates at 33 pps (pulsations/second) making a sound each time like a lightsaber being switched on.

Dogs Edit

Dogs can smell the sweet tasting brain, now you know why he's licking you're crotch. Yummy Brains.

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