Consisting of The Great Banana Battle, The Great Banana Battle II, and The war of the fruit bowl; The banana wars were a series of brutal battles for no apparent reason. Because the Isle of Fruitonia is relatively small, petty wars break out regularly, about every Friday teatime.

Map of Fruitonia

A map of The Isle of Fruitonia. Shows the three countries and their borders.

How It All StartedEdit

When the Isle of Fruitonia was first founded, the government wanted one big, happy country. Unfortunately, certain foolish members wanted Fruitonia to be ruled their way, when their ideas were refused they left, threw a tantrum, and founded their own countries on the island. Originally, there were around six different countries wanting independence, these countries were either conquered by larger, better countries or joined forces with others. Now, there are three main countries on the island: The United Banana State, The Republic of Banana, and The New Banana Nation.

The United Banana StateEdit

The second largest country on the island. Here are some facts about it:

  • The main exports of this country are Electronics, Chocolate teapots and Rubber ducks.
  • The main imports are Wood and Carrots.
  • The leader of this country, William Fnord, is a personal friend of mine and has a nice China tea set.

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