These are the Stories of muckyawful children in the 90's decade. There were at least 390 stories in this list, and still retrieving from the Stories Gallery.


These are the stories of the Muckyawful children.

Why We Had Zee Fun Of Zee Fun?Edit

Told by Cospe Alexkan Devote at the age of 8, Grade 3

It was a moony night in Transville. Two penguins, named Jovenia and Kristariaer respectively were briskly walking along the crowded streets of Sherby Hoodwounds. The neon signs on each building and the street-sellers filled their minds with glee. They were already asking for more.

Once they saw a large sign of a familiar arcade, they immediately ran across the street there. Suddenly, a car banged Kristariaer out and he fainted on the tarry road. His friend Jovenia held up his hand and all the cars driving along stopped moving. One car driver, an Adelie Penguin in his mid 20s', wearing a checkered blue shirt with solid green shorts, took out his cellphone and started dialing the police hotline. He told the police what happenend and they were shock. Without repling, they instantly waddled (since penguins can't run) to the police car and drove to the incident site.

Kristariaer was picked up by vegetarians veteranians VAGAGAAGAGA and he was placed in an ambulance to be transported to a local hospital. Jovenia sat on the bench inside the ambulence, gloomily thinking of their wrongdoings and effortlessly cried out. Upon reaching the hospital, Kristariaer was immediately brought up to the operation room at the second floor, east wing. The doctor, Mr. Brown, examined the hurt creature. After examining, Mr. Brown concluded "Kristariaer is fine. It's not such the biggy". Jovenia cried once the sentence was finished. It was a miracle for Kristariaer, to survive.

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