Russia, or The north pole of Earth, 8th Sector of USSR or Vee Speak Like This!, is considered to be near that of a supernation and is located on the north of Earth. There is only one person living here, and his name is "Skisky". Skisky ruled the largest nation of all, Russia, for more than 125 years, ever since he was a baby (he was left alone there). Since then, Russia prospered from being a town with nothing to a town with one baby and snow. For a period of time, it was renamed the USSR until Skisky thought, hey, the name is not good. Russia is famous for the Catherdal of the World with Spade-like thingies, or Saint Paul's Catherdal, after Skisky's grreat-granduncle, Saint Paul. Currently, Russia is employing an ant to produce electricity rather than using their own power source than wastes more energy, contributing to global warming.


Early BegginingsEdit

Once many nations were formed in Asia, they had a large plot of land leftover. They decided to make this a country named 'Russ'. They added an 'ia' suffix to make it even 'cooler'. It was the only nation with total freedom, but no one wanted to live there since it was oh so boring.

Skisky's EntranceEdit

Skisky Skisky was abandoned by their parents in the orphanage in Lativa. Too sad they were at the border between Lativa and Russia, so he got thrown over to Russia. He didn't know what to do, but simply ate all the potato chips lying on the ground then. Yum yum yum. Water came from snow and rain, and the lake next to him. Air was all around. When Skisky turned eight, he didn't know where he was. He simply knew that this was a place of freedom. He decided to make his own house, his own house and his own house AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Skisky eventually made a house of one stick, and liked it alot.

From No Tree to One TreeEdit

Skisky planted a tree, which became the first thing to ever be constructed in Russia. The tree died a minute later.

Saint Paul's CatherdalEdit

Skisky knew about his uncle after seeing a helicopter saying 'Skisky uncle would be Saint Paul'. So, he constructed Saint Paul's Catherdal.


USSR lasted for 25 years.



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