Rock and Roll is a popular dish in Micronesian countries. It consists of a roll, generally made of whole wheat or white, and many small rocks. Those who eat it claim to have very strong teeth and very hard stomachs. Though many people who do not have strong teeth eat it with crushed rocks, those with enormous teeth and a high tolerance for pain can eat it with rocks the size of a computer mouse. And those with the strongest teeth in the land eat them with one rock, big enough to go lengthwise throughout the whole bun. Many dentists strongly caution those who like to enjoy a Rock and Roll that, "It is not good for your teeth and may break them". General physicians also warn about the effects on one's stomach if they eat rocks. Tribal leaders had this to say about the issue, "Shut up". Though with the many concerns, Rock and Roll is still being eaten daily in Micronesia.

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