People Who Are Atmost are people who are at most pressure. They died altogether after being eaten by a whale.


  • 1992: Group was formed. A, B and C joined.
  • 1993: Two Americans joined
  • 1995: They destroyed Bras.
  • 1997: They conquered Bras.
  • 1999: They lost to --Bras.
  • 2001: They wanted to destroy the twin towers, but got defeated by Osama Bin Laden.
  • 2003: They planned to destroy Wales.
  • 2004: They died after they got eaten by a whale, and later all their belongings was donated to everyone. Only themselves weren't.


  • A-- for Abby
  • B-- for Ben
  • C-- for Crockodile (not Crocodile-- but Crokodile)
  • Bob
  • Bobo

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