Other States of America was a country of 25 states that merged with Munich-Zurich, Confederate States of America and Northern States of America to form the United States of America. As you see, it was in America. Their last leader was Johnson Depp Depp XI.


The year 1000 arrived and Johnson Depp Depp I was searching for some land. He later sailed from Asia to the west of America and said Yahoo!. He named it the State of America since it was in America along with Christopher Colombus's Colombia, France's Canada and Argentina's Argentina. Therefore, he named it "West State of America".

Along the years, he found and created more states and they are all states instead of one becasue each state has their own significant features. For example, Calafonia has bulls while Arizonia has Oil and Nevada has Muckyawful vampires who fart. He founded up to 25 states and named it the "Significant States of America".

As more countries were formed with the phrase "(blank) states of America", Johnsop Depp Depp I's great-great-great-great-great-grandson, Johnson Depp Depp VIII, renamed it "Other States of America". Eventually, this name lived on till 1800, when it and the other countries mentioned in the content text merged to form the United States of America.

When the United States of America later seperated into many bunch of "(insert name) States of America", some of these countries were considering to merge and form the new "Other States of America".

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