A map showing the current state of the north pole. Your Grandma owns more than half the land after conquering M's eastern area in the most muckyawful game of all time-Chess.

The North Pole is a place on the equator of Jupiter. Raga Man is the president of the North Pole, which is an odd controversy since the article Joe McFloopemup (Vampire) claims McFloopemup is the actual President of the North Pole. So I guess there is a big debate over this. Pie was running to be dictator of this place, before his much-appreciated recent demise. The north pole is home to cheesehead monkey bottoms and fudge monsters that love girls. Spaghetti is here as well. And Your Grandma just took up more than half the land. And, darn, I can't get this to not be a header. Edit


The North Pole came about when a group of monkeys came along and founded the place.


Type: Democraric Republic The North Pole is a democraric repulic. That means, whoever got the most votes by public, will be dumped into a garbage truck and sent to the president's office. That's democracy! They could have been a communist or meritocracy, but communism means you are a worker and hate your employers, and a meritocracy means whoever won the election gets blown up into the sky and crashes into the president's office.  Lucky.