Nestle is a company who produces nests, the type of home for all birds. They also manafacture food products which are not using the killing of birds (ex. egg). It was founded in 1989 in Switzerland by Nesty M. McGovens.


Nesty M. McGovens is like every bird, needs to catch food and stuff like that. She wanted not to catch food and run an entire industry, so that all the birds could buy and sell unlike the "killing regime". She thus created Nestle, and emloyed 250 birds.

They first started out by manafacturing "nests" and sold them for the equivelent of $1,000,000. As birds do not have money back then, few more companies were created and they worked in there. Such companies are Marvins, Patriot and Lemon Inc. They all got good buissness and the company's nests were a big successs.

All the companies only manafactured furniture, clothing and food. Nestle decided to have a food division so that they could gain even bigger successes. And yes, they have good successes and even to this day, yup.

The company's do-do related buisness was greatly injured by crisby's operation choo-choo.


Nests DivisionEdit

  • Various Nests.

Food DivisionEdit


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