Mitachikialutamulasingalitamulamulahalalitanikaputahalhalahhlah, or also known as My cheeks are singing like an islamic!, is the most contagious disease on Jupiter. If you catch it, you instantly die. Well, not exactly...

How you catch itEdit

You catch it by breathing in Lutasmika.


There are 5 stages of effects.

Stage 1: Title: Your cheeks start singing.

Stage 2: Itch: You get an itch.

Stage 3: Another Itch: You get another itch.

Stage 4: The Disease: From here... you get a high fever, a Portugese voice, a cheek singing like an Islamic so loud, and your butt gets into a Fatso-like size.

Stage 5: Death: Finally... you voice will go high and low... continuously, then you vomit. After that, the brain explodes, and the heart stops pumping and explodes. Then, it dies.

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