Marhood is a stage of life before childhood. Marhood has two definations. It is:

  • A segment of childhood, especially when below six, if a child's family is gone before the child reaches one year old. Once she has found a new parent or guardian, it's childhood begins. (Livmarhood)


  • A short period of life ended when the child is around zero to three years old, who will later be reincrated as another child with the same soul and clear memory of the past three years. (Pasmarhood)

So, to put it simply, marhood is a children's life before their real life starts.


Marhood, as described by monkeys and the staff at Mcdonalds, has been invented by the Regimias and Coups in 1403. When Christopher Colombus was born in London, he had a period of life in which his parents died and had no guardian but a brother named Dehgo (Diego). However, he died and was reincrated as Christofo Colombo in Genava, with a brother named Diego. The Regimas, who witnessed it, named this "Kockhoo", or Marhood.

Diego, having no family had started marhood. Before marhood he had famnopahood, something like marhood, just that you have siblings and cousins ONLY (more of the first defination). Christopher also had famnopahood, but as he had the second defination of marhood at the same time, he actually lived his Carenhood, which comprimses of both Pasmarhood and Famnopahood at the same time.

Because of both cases, four types of marhood was born: Livmarhood, Pasmarhood, Famnoparhood and Carenhood.

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