The following are non-Logic examples.

Logic, ExampleEdit

Cats and DogsEdit

Final ResultEdit

Cats are Dogs.


  • Cats are stupid.
  • Dogs have no feet.
  • To be a good Cat you need to have no tales.
  • Creatures with no tails, all have feet.
  • Tails are feet.
  • Those with no tales, where never in trouble with the law.
  • Tails can be sawed off.
  • Tails can not be snipped off.
  • Feet can be snipped off after tails are sawed off.

The ProcessEdit

  1. If Cats are stupid then they might try to snip off their tails; they will fail(false).
  2. Dogs have no feet.
  3. If Dogs have no feetthen they snipped them off.
  4. If Dogs snipped off their feet then they are stupid.
  5. Conclude (Cats are Dogs).

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