The Kingdom of Congo and Mongo and Kongo before the year of 1985, it was a monarchy with the only rulers, the king and queen. It changed to a parlimentary one during 1985-1995 and returned to being king and queen after merging with Ash Republic since 1997 onwards.


Before 1654, it was just native, with tribes and alphebatical phenomonens roaming throughout the muckyawful land.

In 1654, Toto went to Congo and became king. He married to oToT in 1673 and became a full monarch, with no parliment. They made an army out of the tribes and annexed certain areas.

Whilst Congo was founded, Comi and Terrah sailed from Brasillia to Champaga, Tuamatashelras (current Bostawanahitas) in 1693. They continued on a stupid kart to an unknown land (beside Congo) and made Kongo.

Later, in 1724, Chom travelled from Tastiherauhs to Chapihuras. He later travelled, but got lost. He later found a trive and created the country of, instead of Congo and Kongo, he created Mongo.

In 1873, each country's economy failed. They decided to merge to from the Kingdom of Congo and Mongo and Kongo.

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