Jeshi is the creator of the Factual nonsense wiki. The term Factual nonsense was coined as a word describing nonsense, that was factual. in other words, it doesn't make sense, yet it does.

for instant, Illogical Nonsense would be "the pie flew to the sky and layed muffins which landed in an ocean of hamburgers thus ending the ninja war between the north poll and the planet jupiter, ALL HAIL THE MIGHT APPLE MUFFINS!" on an Article about Painkillers. While Factual nonsense would be "Painkillers are part of a government conspiracy to take all of our Painacual cells in exchange for alien oil to run our society, thus covering up 9/11, this would be performed by implanting mind control drugs into the painkillers and injecting it into ones bloodstream, it then stops all pain and causes a mass increase of Painacual Cells in the Governments Painacual vault, this is then transmitted to Jupiter where an alien race turns it into a fuel for their technology, in return the Jupitians send the Government Oil, which Government? it doesn't matter, its the government!" now both of those were nonsense, but the illogical nonsense had nothing to do with anything, while the factual nonsense had consistency and was relevant to the topic. ---

Jeshi made the factual nonsense wiki for posting factual nonsense, but got bored around 5 hours after its acceptingness(ITS A WORD :O) into Wikia(which took about 5 hours), he then didn't come back to the Factual nonsense wiki for about a year, this explains why nothing has been updated.


By the way! did I mention he has purple hair with the power to make paper fly? HE TOTALLY DOES! And he doesn't very much like people Redirecting his page to "Candylane", people who do THAT get covered in FLYING PAPER!!!

Also Jeshi is rather disappointed in the turn out of the Factual nonsense wiki for most of it seems to be Illogical nonsense.

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