Grain is widely regarded by westerners as being tall as heck. In the years leading up to the last couple of episodes of Hill Street Blues most of the silos in no man's land to be constucted of the highest quality of popsicle sticks.


The ancient Califorians all agree - there is history to be learned. Grains or no grains, this is the greatest moment of our lives. Anchorage was on the leading edge of newspaper production until California buckled its proverbial shoes and boiled some long grain rice. This was done merely to insult the colonists living the the other room.

The World's Saddest Pizza PartyEdit

Mr. Belvedere missed his quota of the harvest on April 6th, 1299. No amount of sit-ups could have lessened the amount of disappointment the Jamaicans felt that day. Riots destroyed all, if not all, of the paper towels. A young man named Utah came with grain. He scrubbed some of it until it was practically clean. They had over 95 million grain mills on that street so they done got what they was lookin' for. They put the cheese and the mushrooms in the restroom. The fire god concluded that they could make the pizza without the paper towels. Parades are funny so they had one of them. Then the pizza was finally done. There were nine of them available. All of the females turned into termites and it was a fiasco.

The Iron Age...FinallyEdit

Exactly the middlemost day of 1777 was when the Japanese invaded. They brought no grain or anything even similar to pasta. Every Johnson in a 90 mile radius joined forces to build an adobe hut. It was hysterical. After the last of the TNT was loaded into the oven the first space age bread was brought to life. ASK ANYONE

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