Gold is a very very very nice colour. Actually, it came about and this tale tells it.

This Tale...Edit

One day, there was this pot of yellow paint planted by a lepricon. However, by accident, a gnome spilt some shiny glitter-gloss on the pot. Few minutes later, a goth (female) also accidentally spilt something, this time some black. They mixed together and they got gold. The trio, consiting of the lepricon, the gnome and the goth became The Three Golden Goldies. Eventually, many more joined the group and it later became multiracial.


Other ingredients, but either failed or never doneEdit

Sometimes, there were other ingredients to make it nice. These may consist of fart, cheese and pones.


Gold is an excellent seasoning when learning 1000 Ways to Cook Telepones and Analog Antennas. Put some on top! It's cheesylicious!

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