Cool Man, despite his name, is an absoloutely strange man who lives in the cupboard of a woman's home, always looking thru and fro, 24/7 (except on Sunday afternoons... when the lady is out). He is known to be listed on the Large Fingerprints of the World book and is in good terms with Angelina Jolie II.


He was born under the name "Joe Papa" (which means he could be related to Milary Clinton), on August 18 1982, in a hospital in what is now Federal States of America. One Friday afternoon, probably the 3rd Friday of January, 1987 or 1988, he found some... erm... those people who really love dating and are in deep love that they could not escape from (blockage and seperation of nouns and verbs) found kissing at the streets. He figured out from his friend, Bevvy McJoe Joe that it is "cool". He later named himself "Cool Man".

Around his 20s, he started hiding in a lady's home and spy on her 24/7, except on Sunday afternoons whereby she goes out of the house and he would probably be on leave. His wish is to marry here and give birth to babies, because she's HOT!

Near-revealed IncidentsEdit

He was nearly revealed to The Lady Sex Man Likes. Here is the full list:

  • She once open the cupboard and he hid (hid, not hide) in the very extreme corner like a thin line
  • She found him walking out of her house at one momment, and the next he dissapeared.
  • She saw him peeking at her in an authentic Japanese restaurant on Sunday and did not really care.

More would be added in order for funnity.

See AlsoEdit

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