Bras is an island (and republic) near France and Britan. It is filled with retardeds, and atmost dumb people. The People Who Are Atmost once conquered the land, but got defeated by The Bras Army.


The island is sandwhiched between Britan and France, in the English Channel, a channel where it broadcasts lots of English shows. It is shaped like a bra, about the size of Long Island of New York, Democratic States of America.

Economy, Exports and CurrencyEdit

Their economy is like a third world's... being with the not so rich people, only middle or even low-class families. However, they government is rich. Right?

Their exports go to their bras, skincare products, more bras, timber, snow and you guessed it... BRAS!!!.

They use the $$$ as their currency, equivelant to US dollars, despite being countries using the "Pound", "Franc" or "Euro" currency. Their notes are photocopied printed exactly identical to the one of the USA and Democratic States.


They have one hospital: The Very Fat Hospital Which Goes To Stealing Hard Work and Pay. The hospital may be the worst... but it's still a hospital!


Their education goes to all the effort by The Bras Foundation. Without them, they could not set up damn' old schools with rotton bricks following towards those children studying.


See you next time!

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