Big Rigs (or BROTTR) is the criticly celebrated "Greatest Game Ever". Most experts in video games will tell you about it's superb graphics and sound, but the best part about the game is it's deep phylosophy.

Story The story of BROTRR starts in Russia. A man known only as Steller Stone was given a vision of a status based dogma that would one day counqor the earth, this evil organisation was known as "Gamespot".

Stell knew he had to stop it, so he followed his heart to California, where he met the 4 trucks of power,

Sunrise W14, Thunderbull, Thunder, and Megaone.

Stell took these trucks and drove through three races agenst Gamespot's evil leader, Alex Navarro. Eventualy Stell was challenged by the ultimete stopper: A police roadblock! To escape this new threat, stell learned how to defy phisics, drive trough houses, and even visit the void of WINNERness. Eventually Stell gained the power of WINNER. This is the point of the game where Stell presents the player with a trophy, tells him/her the famous phrase " YOU'RE WINNER" and tells them to finish the fight by fighting's evil controll.


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